Cupcakes - My new canvas

I have been trying out lots of new desserts lately (I haven't blogged about them because I am usually busy eating it right after I make it, but I shall soon), and it's a tough job. I mean there are just SO SO many desserts out there, then to find the few ones that seem like less work and more fun to make, plus with ingredients already on hand because I usually get lazy about doing groceries, and also things that do not require a mixer since I haven't gotten one yet. So you get the idea, I do have to filter out quite a bunch of them before actually proceeding to make anything.

And guess what I recently discovered? Cupcakes! I have no idea how I had been missing out on them all my life, because I never made one. Never, not even as a kid decorating it! So the other day when I was looking for something to make, I thought hey, I have never made cupcakes before so why not. And it turned out really fun! I wonder why I didn't think of it before.

Before you judge my cupcakes, let me tell you- I am not an artistic person! Even my stick people are crooked. A few years back I decided to try canvas painting..and lets just say that my 4 year old nephew at the time used to paint much better than me. I got stubborn and decided that at the very least I want to learn how to draw a simple flower, and it took me days of practicing a tulip from an internet tutorial for it to actually look like one. So with my record in artsy things, this cupcake looked amazingly beautiful to me (even though it's just a simple spiral thing). This makes the little tiny artsy streak in me delighted and now I want to make more and more cupcakes and try different tips to decorate them.

Wilton offers basic cake decorating classes at our local Michaels, so thinking of trying it out. I may not become a professional baker, but hey, I would like to have that one thing which I can proudly make and say, 'there, that's my art!'.

Posted on: Saturday, August 3rd 2013 11:47:pm