Losing Humanity

We all heard about the attack on an army public school in Peshawar last week which killed 141 people, out of whom 132 were school children. As I heard this news over the radio while driving to work, I felt numb, unsure of how to react... these were children. They went to school for education, for a future! I am not a mother yet, so I cannot even begin to imagine how heartbroken and angry the parents of the deceased children were.

As I got into work, and we started discussing our aircraft production status in the morning meeting, I couldn't help but get the feeling that this was all futile. There were over 130 children DEAD in one part of the world, and here we were worrying about aircrafts that will give billionaires luxury jets with slightly larger windows. Why, why is this world so unfair? Eventually, I had to tune it out and focus on the meeting to discuss our deadlines. All I kept thinking was how cruel can a person possibly be to shoot at children? Did they not have children in their families? Did they never suffer a loss of a loved one to feel the pain? Yes I did hear that this was possibly retaliation because the Taliban was angry at the army for operation against them. But WHAT IN THE WORLD did the children have anything to do with this?! Towards the end of my morning meeting, I started to these tragedies happen because of people like us, who treat these tragedies as 'news', then eventually tune it out of our minds and go about our daily work?

I am losing hope in this world. First it was the attack in Ottawa on Canadian soldier, then the hostage situation in Sydney, and then this. What's happening to us? When did we lose our humanity? What are the world's leaders/super powers doing for all this? Oh yes, they're doing what came out in the CIA torture report earlier this month, so clearly they're just making things worse. And what are we as regular people to do? What could we have done to prevent this attack on children? What about the plight of the Palestinian children? Am I fighting for this injustice? If we just sit in silence and let this oppression continue, aren't we in fact 'letting' it happen and equally guilty? I saw a wave of people on my Facebook changing their profile pictures with 'Save Gaza' on it and #FreePalestine  earlier this year, and then recently I saw a black one that said 'The smallest coffins are the heaviest' with #PrayForPeshawar. Yes, they indeed are…but is changing our profile picture for a week enough to break the silence? We are educated people with so much potential, is changing a profile picture and attending candlelight vigils literally ALL we can do to bring change and stop this madness?

I don't know about everyone else, but I can speak for myself. It has been over a week since the attack, the three day mourning period in Pakistan is long over, and I am sitting beside my husband in the comfort and safety of my home. Working for some real change would require sacrifices I am not ready to make yet. Sure, I can donate money to organizations that are helping these children and funding their education, but sometimes I wonder if these donations are more to make me feel better about my lack of actions than for their good.

As horrible as I felt last week on hearing this news, I have moved on with my life, and so has the rest of the world...except for the parents of the children who were buried. They will never forget.

Posted on: Monday, December 29th 2014 9:20:pm