Job Hunting Struggle

These last few months have been really hard on me due to my struggle in job searching. My official graduation as a mechanical engineer from University of Toronto was in mid-June, but I had started looking for work since last October as a lot of companies start their hiring process early. But after ten months of job search with over a 100 applications, I still remain unemployed. To be honest, this had really gotten me down as I have been unable to figure out what is it exactly that employers are looking for. I have got the grades- a good CGPA and on Dean's List, and have research experiences in my summer internship that were actually quite successful. I don't have bad social and communication skills either to blame it on blowing up the interview, plus that would mean that I have had a lot of interviews, which I haven't.

I am trying to change my outlook on this job hunting struggle lately, so here is a couple of things I am trying to do. Jotting it down for anyone else who may be in the same boat, and for myself when I forget this and am having another really low day.

1. Spend time volunteering

I always wanted to be an active volunteer, but never got around to it with part-time jobs and engineering school. But now that I have got plenty of time to spend, its nice to lend someone else a helping hand and utilize your time for the greater good. (On a side note- what is with the volunteering places being so picky and not replying? I am trying to help out, appreciate it and accept, please?)

2. Pick up hobbies

This is a great one! I should add though- chose hobbies wisely. I recently picked up the hobby of baking new desserts since I enjoy doing that, but definitely not a good idea when you've got two people to eat more than 12 servings of dessert and you feel like making a new one every other day!

3. Catch up on some good books
Sort of like the previous one, but I never used to get the time to just sit and read a good book with such a busy schedule. Now trying to catch up on the books that I wanted to read previously. I have to say, this would have been much easier had I made a list of books I wanted to read, but since I didn't, I usually end up just searching for some good new books. (Reminder to self: should do that again, haven't done so in a while.)

4. Learn something new
To be perfectly honest, this is my husband’s idea and not mine. He gave me the idea of learning a new programming language, or about something else from online resources such as Udacity. Personally, I wasn't much interested in this, but I can see the benefits of this and how this utilizes time in a much beneficial manner. I might try my hands on this sometime soon.

5. Be grateful for not being broke and in dire need of money
This may not be applicable to a lot of people who have some financial responsibilities. But as for me, I want a job because I want that to be the next step in advancing my career. Obviously, for the money too, but I am okay without it. Thankfully, I have paid off my student loans, and have an amazing husband who has got a great job, so I need to just take a step back, appreciate my blessings, and treat this time as a little vacation instead of being annoyed and depressed.

To all others who are also in this struggle with me- good luck!
And hey, if you are in a company looking for recent graduate mechanical engineers, feel free to contact me.

Posted on: Friday, July 26th 2013 2:40:pm