Anyone who knows me will totally understand why my first post in the food section has to be about Cafe Demetres. There’s just one word for it- awesome! So far, THE best dessert cafe I have ever been to. And yes, I have been to quite a few.

They have a huge variety of crepes and Belgian waffles served with various toppings and ice-cream of your choice. You can easily ask the server to swap any topping or flavor from the dessert without any hassle. Best part of all? The size is huge, and fills up the dessert craving completely..makes every penny worth it! Might be a good idea to skip dinner if you are a small portion eater.

Its not just their crepes and waffles..everything there is just amazingly delicious! My husband, being a chocolate lover, fell in love with their Brownie Points which we recently discovered. Their sundaes are served in a huge glass, and in such a manner that even plain vanilla ice-cream looks like a gourmet dessert!

The environment is quite cozy and enjoyable. Great place to go on a date night, or with family and friends. They don’t post their menu online so hard to figure out what they offer before going in for the first time, but I don’t believe anyone could possibly be disappointed.

Posted on: Thursday, September 27th 2012 12:22:pm