"JeSuisCharlie" - The sad outcome of the Paris attack

Is it just me or is someone else also finding the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo attack sad and hypocritical? Without a doubt, what happened was absolutely terrible, those journalists who had just come in to work and were attending a meeting, they did not deserve to die for their views. Regardless of how hurtful the views were, violence is never the answer and no one has the right to kill people for that.

After this terrible incident, I was expecting everyone to stand with Paris in solidarity, and more anti-terrorism measures (read: not anti-Islamic as it actually has come to mean). But sadly, the whole aftermath of the attack- the 'JeSuisCharlie' movement, the march in Paris, the millions of Charlie Hebdo copies sold after the attack, and the Islamophobic attacks in Paris this month were just sad, and for the lack of better words, seem fake and wrong. Continue Reading

Posted on: Sunday, January 25th 2015 8:06:pm

Losing Humanity

We all heard about the attack on an army public school in Peshawar last week which killed 141 people, out of whom 132 were school children. As I heard this news over the radio while driving to work, I felt numb, unsure of how to react... these were children. They went to school for education, for a future! I am not a mother yet, so I cannot even begin to imagine how heartbroken and angry the parents of the deceased children were.

As I got into work, and we started discussing our aircraft production status in the morning meeting, I couldn't help but get the feeling that this was all futile. There were over 130 children DEAD in one part of the world, and here we were worrying about aircrafts that will give billionaires luxury jets with slightly larger windows. Why, why is this world so unfair? Continue Reading

Posted on: Monday, December 29th 2014 9:20:pm

Job Hunting Struggle

These last few months have been really hard on me due to my struggle in job searching. My official graduation as a mechanical engineer from University of Toronto was in mid-June, but I had started looking for work since last October as a lot of companies start their hiring process early. But after ten months of job search with over a 100 applications, I still remain unemployed. To be honest, this had really gotten me down as I have been unable to figure out what is it exactly that employers are looking for. I have got the grades- a good CGPA and on Dean's List, and have research experiences in my summer internship that were actually quite successful. I don't have bad social and communication skills either to blame it on blowing up the interview, plus that would mean that I have had a lot of interviews, which I haven't.

I am trying to change my outlook on this job hunting struggle lately, so here is a couple of things I am trying to do. Continue Reading

Posted on: Friday, July 26th 2013 2:40:pm

Expenses - What to chose at the expense of what?

What is the purpose of space exploration? Sure, I see the benefits of satellite use and how research in robotics that has led to technological advances in the health-care industry. But what now? Does landing on moon really give any benefit to humankind other than being able to say, 'we can reach the moon'? What about our expeditions and efforts to Mars? What benefit does that give, other than to the space tourism industry where individuals spend around 40 million to experience the outer space? Don't get me wrong, it truly is fascinating and inspirational, and useful in some sense too, but I find it hard to justify NASA's budget of over 18.4 billion dollars (or CSA's budget of $425 million) when there is SO much more in the world that requires more money than space exploration. The figure is actually $790 billion when adjusted for inflation and accounting for its fifty years of history. Continue Reading

Posted on: Sunday, October 21st 2012 3:28:pm

Letting Go of the Hijab Issue

It is common to come across articles, blogs or discussions about how hijab (a head covering worn by Muslims) are a sign of oppression and inferiority of females. You might have also heard the other side about how they are a sign of modesty and morality and respect for women. Whatever side you may stand on, I am just going to refrain from discussing the pros and cons of hijab here.

My issue here is that we have made a Muslim woman's life revolve all around hijab, when there's just so much more to it! Any time you hear the word Islam and women, the never-ending feministic discussions start. Don't get me wrong- I am all for feminism and women having equal rights as men, but I have gotten sick of hearing about hijab every time women in Islam are mentioned. Continue Reading

Posted on: Thursday, September 27th 2012 12:05:pm

Welcome To My Blog!

So here's where I put in all my thoughts, ideas, inspirations and rants down. Feel free to comment on the blogs if you want (click on the title to open the comment section).

Just a side note- I am neither a revolutionist nor an idealistic, and my blogs will most probably be limited to stuff related to my personal life or the community in general. You can read about me if you want to know about my bias towards my thoughts. Continue Reading

Posted on: Thursday, September 27th 2012 11:58:am