Hello there,

Welcome to my personal webpage!

Our PicI am Filza. I am an engineer by profession, and a foodie/baker by passion. I believe that sums it, though I am pretty sure you will be getting to know me a lot more through this webpage, so my apologies for making this section a little redundant. I am a Canadian-Pakistani currently living in California, and absolutely loving the sunny weather here compared to the mounds of snow in Toronto!

From an academic standpoint of view, I graduated as a Mechanical engineer from the University of Toronto in 2013, and then started MEng at University of Waterloo in Electrical & Computer Engineering, with a certificate in Software Engineering. My husband landed a great opportunity at Google last year, which led me to suspend my masters halfway and move to the Bay area. I then completed a coding bootcamp to enhance my web/app development skills, and am currently on the hunt for new opportunities. Details on what I have done so far in terms of projects and achievements can be found in my Mechanical engineering related portfolio or my Software engineering related portfolio, and on my resume.

On a more personal level, I love to read, write, bake, think random thoughts, spend quality time with my husband, and play some not-so-intensive sports (or at least I would like to, so I suppose it counts). The main reason I started a webpage was because I wanted to blog, and being the nerd I am, decided to do that on my own website. My interest in writing and urge to share my random thoughts is what shall be compelling me to blog.

I am not a housewife whose main problem of the day is what to cook, but I do enjoy cooking. Especially baking, which really means desserts! In fact what I enjoy more than baking desserts is the eating part! My love of cooking and my laziness to cook combined has inspired me to collect some super easy go to recipes that I use very frequently, which are what I will be sharing on my food page, along with some great restaurants that I would like to share with everyone.

A couple of years ago I discovered a new passion for cake decorating, and fell absolutely in love with it! My cake world along with all my creations can now be checked out at Filza's Cakery, or its Facebook page.

Hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to contact me about anything.

Filza Mazahir